Ashley Taylor

Graduate Assistant for CEED
A portrait of Ashley Taylor.
220 Hancock Hall (0275)
490 Old Turner St.
Blacksburg, VA 24061
United States


Ashley is a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Enhancement of Engineering Diversity. She is part of the support staff for the Galileo and Hypatia Living/Learning Communities and she is responsible for teaching the Hypatia seminar for first-year participants.


Ashley received her Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2014. She completed her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Public Health (concentration Health Education) in 2016. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Engineering Education.


Ashley enjoyed working with the CEED mentoring programs during her undergraduate time at Virginia Tech, and she was even more excited to join the CEED team as a graduate assistant during the summer of 2016.