Process immigration paperwork for undergraduate international students coming to VT who are taking classes and exchange international students.


They work with undergraduate international students who are degree-seeking students at VT.

  • Do an orientation for all new international students at the beginning of the Fall semester
  • Will assist with immigration paperwork for undergraduate international students who are taking classes at VT
  • Have English practice groups
  • Offer crisis support and personal assistance
  • Host cultural programs and events
  • Have the Mozaiko living-learning community; opening Fall of 2017

Process immigration paperwork for graduate international students coming to VT and are taking classes.


IGSS staff are part of the Graduate School and in the Graduate Student Services Offices.

  • Advise graduate students who are taking classes at VT from admission through post-completion OPT (optional practical training)
  • Advise academic departments on the immigration status of international graduate students
  • Advise academic departments in employment eligibility of international graduate students


Mostly work with study abroad programs

  • Help students study abroad including exchange students from partner universities
  • Advise students on study abroad program types
  • Support VT faculty-led programs and VT study centers in Switzerland and the Dominican Republic
  • Administers over $80,000 in scholarships
  • Assists faculty in creating internationally focused courses and programs
  • Serves as a resource for colleagues on international education

Process immigration paperwork for non-students and students (AT ALL CAMPUSES) who are coming to VT but are not taking classes.


ISS provides services in three (3) areas:

  • Provide visas services to non-students, which includes management of the international visitor and student intern processes
  • Oversee the international agreement approval process
  • Perform oversight of Phi Beta Delta, the international honors society

“Support the universities mission by leading projects that raise the standard of living in developing countries.”


This office oversees:

  • The Global Education Office
  • ISS
  • The Language and Culture Institute
  • Steger Center for International Scholarship

OIRED also assists with presidential level visits and set the guidelines for hosting an international delegation or visitor:

Has two locations:

Contacts in Blacksburg:

Contacts in Fairfax, VA:

The LCI “aims to promote intercultural competence and understanding by connecting people across borders and disciplines.”

  • Has several global initiatives and special programs including Fulbright Scholars
  • Offer an intensive English Program
  • Administer the TOEFL, offer a preparation course for the TOEFL and administer the English


Jessica Mullins, Graduate Student Immigration Specialist

Phone: (703) 538-8326
Northern Virginia Center - Room 411

A satellite office of the VT Graduate School


  • Changes to current status (readmission, non-degree to degree)
  • Citizenship verification for Financial Aid
  • International Students and Scholars Services
  • Plan of Study Review (Course Changes, Committee Changes)
  • Processing Graduate School forms
  • Receiving official transcripts for admissions or transfer credit. Request for official Virginia Tech transcripts must go to the Registrar in Blacksburg
  • Registration assistance
  • Student events, in partnership with the Graduate Student Assembly


Eliza Wethey , Associate Director of Global Engagement

A service-learning and civic engagement center in VT's Division of Student Affairs

  • Develop service programs and community learning opportunities
  • Any sign up for a service-learning trip is processed by VT Engage